Goals and Objectives of Bodu Bala Sena

  • Vision >>>

Protection of Buddhism for Future Generations

  • Mission >>>

The Bodu Bala Sena would line up the four Buddhist congregations, Bhikkhus (Buddhist monks), Bhikkhunis (Buddhist nuns), Upasaka (layman) and Upasika (laywoman) to lead the nation in protecting, safeguarding and sustaining Buddhist social values in the face of dynamic global trends of changes and to organize programmes and projects in this regard in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. 

  • Goals >>>

1. To establish a Buddhist society

To prepare a national programme with the participation of general public to make an environment conducive to establish a Buddhist society and present it to the public. To create an environment which would enable the people change, adopt and amend their private and social lives in accordance with the Buddhist morals and values. To implement various programmes that would contribute for the creation of a Buddhist society. To facilitate  studies and research on Buddhist philosophy, Buddhist traditions, Buddhist history, Buddhist culture and comparative religions aimed at Buddhist social development. To organize contests, award ceremonies, programmes, meetings, seminars, exhibitions etc which would help realization of Buddhist social development

  2. To Develop a Brave and independent generation of bhikkhus

To work for the promulgation of the message of the Buddha (Sukhā Sanghassa Sāmaggi – Happy is the unity of the Sangha) and help creating a generation of ‘Ujupatipanna’ (of upright conduct) bhikkhus undivided on chapter, thought of school, upcountry – low country differences. To work for the establishment of independent and brave society of bhikkhus who have no involvement in party politics, no dependency on political patrons and parties, but with the ability of guiding them all in the right direction.

3. To Facilitate Modernization  and Reorganization of  the Bhikkhu Education

To facilitate the  reorganization  of bhikkhu education system that would deliver an exemplary and righteous generation of bhikkhus who would safeguard Buddhist religion from un-Buddhist rites and rituals. To facilitate the re-streamlining of  the weak and messy present day bhikkhu education system. To facilitate the modernization of  the bhikkhu education system targeting to create and output of educated bhikkhus who would be armed with knowledge in international languages, information communication technology and modern day know-how to face the challenges of globalization successfully. To help creating bhikkhus holding on to the values of dhamma and vinaya 

4.To Improve Buddhist Temples as Centers of Social development

To re-establish the traditional role and functions of the temples as regional centers of development working on areas of religious, social, cultural and economic sectors.

5. To Develop the Bhikkhuni order

To help re-establishment of the bhikkhuni order in Sri Lanka To establish an organization of bhikkhunies To enable providing educational opportunities for the benefit of bhikkhunies To implement programmes that would solicit the direct and active participation of bhikkhunies in the socio-religious development at regional levels

6. To Develop and Improve  the  Buddhists and Buddhist places of worship operating under hardships/Vulnerable Conditions

To identify and list the Buddhists and Buddhist places of worship operating under hardships and to take necessary actions to improve their conditions and to ensure their sustenance To create an environment that ensures continuous contribution of those persons and religious places to conduct religious-cultural programmes successfully in their respective areas.

7. To Propagate Dhamma and Goodwill of Sri Lanka

To  identify the opportunities for the propagation of dhamma locally and internationally To prepare a suitable mechanism for the aforesaid purpose To identify the situations adverse to the national interests and the country To help creating an environment conducive for the promulgation of the messages of the Buddha, Buddhist philosophy and traditions locally and internationally.

8.To Set up Organizations that Support the  Development of Buddhists  and Network those organizations

To Identify and strengthen the organizations work genuinely for the Buddhist social development To Identify the need to set up Buddhist organizations and setting up of new organizations To Network the Buddhist organizations operating locally as well as internationally for better coordination and cooperation.  

9.To  Set up funds for Buddhist development

To work for the identifying the need of monetary resources for the Buddhist social development Setting up of funds for Buddhist social development and taking actions to raise funds To prepare a mechanism that ensures transparency and accountability of the funds and managing securities To Establish a Buddhist Development bank  

10. To Build and Safeguard Buddhist Entrepreneurs and Enterprises

To work for the identifying Buddhist businessmen/entrepreneurs To Organize and network of Buddhist businessmen To Find and implement solutions for the problems and situations faced by the members of the Buddhist business community To take necessary actions to promote new especially young Buddhist businessmen and entrepreneurs  

11.To Protect and Safeguard Buddhist Sites of Archaeological Importance

To identify and record the Buddhist sites of archaeological importance To promote such places internationally To work for necessary social and legislative actions for the safeguard of such places

12. To Take Steps to Face Challenges of Anti Buddhist Activities

To study, collect information, promote social discourses and intellectual discussions, take necessary actions with regard to anti Buddhist activities operated in the past, present and future and to create public awareness of those threats. To take actions to address such challenges on the basis of the Buddhist principle Mettha (loving kindness) To take necessary steps to face in an organized manner the threats and challenges from various anti Buddhist forces both locally and internationally againstBuddhism, Buddhist places of worship and the Buddhists. To take and institute social and legal actions against such activities To take actions for the discourse on the prevalence of the Buddha Sasana